How to Register as Wholesale Customer

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful product range. You are on this page because you have a business and would like to register for a wholesale account. In order for you to obtain total wholesale access, you will need to fill in the registration form here, or click register to your right. When registering you must fill in all of the fields under “additional information” and select the “wholesale customer” option in customer type. Once you have registered you will receive an email of confirmation. At this stage you will only have access to the retail prices. Your account must first be approved by Naturally Sustainable before you can receive the wholesale prices and information. Once Naturally Sustainable has approved your account, you will receive a welcome pack email outlining our wholesale ordering terms and conditions and other important information, including your login in details if we have set up your account for you. Once your wholesale membership has been confirmed you will have access to wholesale pricing, monthly specials and our online ordering system. Please ensure you provide all of the information required in the registration form, if any information is missing we will first need to contact you before we can process your application any further. All wholesale accounts are approved at Naturally Sustainable’s discretion and will first be checked for validity.